Managing risk in an increasingly complex strategic environment.

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Cracked Earth

Geostrategic Intelligence Group (Geostrat) is a risk and private intelligence advisory company specializing in helping public and private organizations identify and mitigate geoeconomic risks and embrace opportunities from the changing international environment.


Great-power rivalry is accelerating, but unlike the old Cold War, now states are gearing up for this rivalry by new means of economic intervention. Economics and security thinking are becoming enmeshed, putting pressure on the norms and rules that have governed the global economy for the past three decades.  As a result, the international business environment is changing rapidly. Businesses and investors will need to re-evaluate long-held assumptions about the functioning of the global economy. 

Key geoeconomic trends currently include the weaponization, securitization and balkanization of the economy and economic policies.


States’ increasing use of economic policy as a geostrategic weapon - includes new forms of sanctions and corporate espionage. Risks to business include closures and asset seizures. 

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For security reasons, states broaden their control over various business and industrial sectors - includes new forms of FDI screening, export controls, cross-border R&D restrictions, data localization regulations, subsidy reshoring. Risks to business include higher regulatory costs and market barriers.


States competing over economic spheres of influence and standard-setting power precipitating de-globalization and a disintegration of global economic networks into regional economic and technological ecosystems and decoupling of global value and supply chains. Risks to business include higher market barriers and trading costs.


About Us

Geostrategic Intelligence Group (Geostrat) was set up by a core group of pioneering analysts and security practitioners with a mission to extend cutting edge geostrategic know-how, analysis and intelligence to the private sector. Geostrat was founded to advice, support and guide companies to adapt to the new geostrategic environment by:

Identifying and monitoring geostrategic risk trends and scenarios

Helping to create and develop processes for geoeconomic risk assessment

Developing solutions for enhancing the resilience and preparedness of businesses to economic shocks

Educating and training key staff in geoeconomics and geostrategic analysis 


Applying geostrategic analysis is central to our work. Our unique methods and broad in-depth knowledge of global security phenomena and geostrategic trends are at the core of our offering. 

With our extensive expert network, we can cover most geographic areas and geostrategic topics. 

We add value to our client organizations by enabling them to understand the complex and uncertain operating environment from their specific point of view and to gain the ability to monitor, make strategic assumptions and decisions towards avoiding the strategic risk pertinent to their operations, whilst grasping the hidden opportunities stemming from the changing environment.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill