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Applying geostrategic analysis is central to our work. Our unique methods and broad in-depth knowledge of global security phenomena and geostrategic trends are at the core of our offering.

With our extensive expert network, we can cover most geographic areas and geostrategic topics. 

We add value to our client organizations by enabling them to understand the complex and uncertain operating environment from their specific point of view and to gain the ability to monitor, make strategic assumptions and decisions towards avoiding the strategic risk pertinent to their operations, whilst grasping the hidden opportunities stemming from the changing environment.

Our solutions and services are grouped in three categories


The need for high-quality economic intelligence is constantly increasing for organizations operating in a changing global strategic environment. The world is more interconnected than at any time in history. This interconnectivity provides opportunities for agile actors to prosper, but also carries strategic risks, many of which are novel and therefore not usually dealt with by conventional strategies.

Our geoeconomic intelligence services and techniques help our customers understand, anticipate, and adapt to emerging risks and opportunities generated by the new global environment. Our competitive strength in geoeconomic intelligence services is that we tailor the monitoring, analysis and reporting to the needs of our clients’ operational priorities based on a comprehensive pre-engagement analysis of the client’s needs.


Our geoeconomic intelligence services include:


  • Region and country focused monitoring, analysis and reporting

  • Topics focused monitoring, analysis and reporting

  • Customers’ operations focused monitoring, analysis and reporting

We can also assist our clients in transforming reports from other providers towards matching the customer’s specific needs and enable them to determine what the generic findings of such reports mean for them.

•    Long-term risk trends and scenarios
•    Situation and background briefings
•    Company specific risk assessments and advisory

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2. Resilience and preparedness-enhancing solutions

In addition to helping our clients to understand their strategic operational environment better, we help them improve resilience and preparedness against the risks and uncertainties coupled with their operating environment. 

We believe that there is no single model of resilience that our customers must follow. We help our customers identify their specific needs and recommend solutions to these.  


Our Process Solutions are aimed at helping our customers build their own organizational resilience programme from start to finish. Our Custom Outcomes address a specific, typically acute issue. 

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Process Solutions: Geostrat offers its customers solutions for setting-up  processes and tools for the identification and monitoring of “chronic” geoeconomic risk. These projects enable the customer to operate basic functions on its own after the project.

Custom Outcomes: In addition to solutions to “chronic”, longer-term issues, Geostrat also offers solutions to dealing with “acute” issues. These solutions are tailored, case specific advisory, composing typically of situation analysis, intelligence gathering and recommendations for solutions and actions to resolve the issue. 

3. Continuous learning and monitoring

Our third service offering category consists of solutions and services to help and ensure our customers maintain their awareness and desired skill level to address the geoeconomic realities impacting their business environment. These solutions typically build on an earlier initial project by Geostrat, related to risk assessment or solutions set prepared.

We train, educate, bring updated trend reports to the use of our customers, either with regular intervals or ad hoc, in connection to new developments in the market or internally at the customer (for example in connection with expansion to new markets or with a major acquisition.

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